Body Mass Index

Body mass indexThe Body Mass Index is a simple indicator of the relationship between your height and your weight. If your BMI is above 25 you are considered overweight and if your BMI is above 30 you are considered obese.

1. Measure your height and weight and enter values
2. Note that the intepretation of the result do not apply to people whith an abnormal muscle mass.

Normal weight
ft' in''


Body mass index is a useful tool for assessing overweight in populations. It is however a very unprecise evaluation of overweight on an individual level as muscularity and general frame size of the body is not taken in to account.

Classification of overweight in relation to BMI

BMI (kg/m2)
Normal weight
Obesity class I
Obesity class II
Obesity class III
> 40



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Quetelet LAJ. Sur I'homme et le developpement de ses facultes, ou essai de physique sociale. Paris: Bachelier, 1835. (The original BMI-reference)

#181 Cam 2018-09-19 01:39
Hi I’m Cam. I’m a 5’4 girl and I weigh 127 pounds. I want to know how to increase my weight because often times I’m bescribed as “boney” not skinny. Also just three days ago I was 132 pounds and I eat very often
#180 Zara 2018-09-06 21:59

I'm 18 yrs currently... I'm 5ft 1 and im 129 currently... I've weighed more in the past 3 -4 months.. im actually happy that I've gotten it down. I did before not like how my body was but now I'm happy but I'm not on a diet or anything. Just watching what I eat. Less sugar could be a reason. But I think it could be because of coffee cause I use to drink a lot of it before now its rare.... but I feel great, but I still wanna know what should I start changing and what should I start eating more of? I'm happy with my weight tho... thanks... plus I joined the army so that's why im getting my weight down.
#179 Jacob Feagley 2018-07-26 02:58

I am a 17 year old, 5'5 male and I weigh around 92 pounds. I eat only slightly less than the average person my height and age. Am I considered anorexic, severely underweight, or just underweight?
#178 Alexis 2018-07-17 01:53
Hi, I'm seventeen, I weigh around 150, definitely
more(idk I don't have a scale), and I'm 5'6ish. I don't feel fat, but I know I'm not skinny. I like to see myself as healthy, but today two of my sisters told me today, as we were at the lake, that I am chubby. I've always been anxious about my weight, but I've recently been pretty confident. Clearly, it makes me feel like I'm completely fine, but now I fear people will only see me as chubby.
#177 Rebecca 2018-07-14 13:43
Hi Petra, im Rebecca. If you feel your weight is in fat then not eating is NOT the best solution to lose weight. Althoygh it may allow your body to shrink your stomach causing you to become fullier quicker, you may still gain weight in the process. Your body will actually store more because it will think it is in a constant state of starvation. So, everything you do eat it will keep it. The solution would be to cut out the carbs in your diet. When you stop feeding your body carbs then it will burn the unwanted fat. So, try drinking more water and cut out the carbs (esp. sugars because they turn inti carbs) in your diet.
#176 Maya 2018-06-29 13:30
Quoting Petra:
Hi im petra and im 5'2 and 160 lbs. The bmi says im over weight and ive been desperatley trying to loose it. I dont eat very much during normal days and i do ballet for 2 hrs 2x a week. I only gain weight on holidays and when i go back to my normal schedual i dont lose anything. Just maintain. Ive tried exercising more and i eat healthy and in small portions. But nothing works. Im the biggest i my ballet class and its embarassing. Please help.

Hi Petra, I’m Maya and I’m 18 years old, 5’4, and 160 lbs. However, I’ve been running track for 6 years, and I’m very in shape. I have a very athletic build, so the muscle goes into account more than the fat. It is very possible to be in shape and seen as overweight by the system since they can’t calculate your body fat ratio. Always be happy with how you look. Every body is perfect :)
#175 Brittney 2018-06-19 20:22
Hi I’m 16 years old. I weigh 150lbs and I am 5ft 2in. Am I overweight?
#174 Hannah M Nelson 2018-05-27 23:29
I am 19 years old , I'm also 5'2" an I weigh 129.0 pounds am I at a good weight ?
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