Body Mass Index

Body mass indexThe Body Mass Index is a simple indicator of the relationship between your height and your weight. If your BMI is above 25 you are considered overweight and if your BMI is above 30 you are considered obese.

1. Measure your height and weight and enter values
2. Note that the intepretation of the result do not apply to people whith an abnormal muscle mass.

Normal weight
ft' in''


Body mass index is a useful tool for assessing overweight in populations. It is however a very unprecise evaluation of overweight on an individual level as muscularity and general frame size of the body is not taken in to account.

Classification of overweight in relation to BMI

BMI (kg/m2)
Normal weight
Obesity class I
Obesity class II
Obesity class III
> 40



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Quetelet LAJ. Sur I'homme et le developpement de ses facultes, ou essai de physique sociale. Paris: Bachelier, 1835. (The original BMI-reference)

#167 Sarah 2018-03-22 01:37
Hi, I’m sarah.

And I’m an alcoholic.
#166 Ryleigh 2018-03-20 09:21
Heyyyy, ladies! I'm 12 years old and I weigh 127.4 pounds.I'm the fattest girl in my school, and to be quite frank, I don't care. I've never worn an ounce of makeup (Does marker count?) I have gained 7 pounds in a month, and though I'm going to try to stop gaining so much, I don't go in the mirror and suck in my tummy. The only thing I want smaller is my tits, but that doesn't matter. Baaaiiiii!
#165 Terrell Wicker 2018-03-09 16:03
I'm 4'11 and I weight 512 pounds; I am about to explode!
#164 Meagan 2018-03-03 00:21
I’m 21, 5’4”,154pounds it says I’m overweight. My boyfriend says it’s unhealthy to be overweight but I work out 5-6 days a week for at least an hour. I’m pretty lean. Is it true that I’m unhealthy just by being overweight? I do take shakes and I have been trying to gain weight by muscle mass. I just want to know if it is unhealthy.
#163 ACE 2018-02-25 19:46
I am 5'3" and around 136 pounds. I am 13 years old. I feel like I am really overweight. I am trying to lose weight. Am I overweight?
#162 abb 2018-02-23 16:31
I am 5’9 and 126 pounds I’m not underweight but not over but I’m concerned that I should be eating more because I am quite thin but I eat so much
#161 Isabella 2018-02-04 03:25
Quoting Alex:
I'm 14, 5'9 and 117 lbs but BMI is 17.4. I'm considered "under weight". I've tried so many websites and there all the same. I definitely don't look under weight, I'm trying too lose it but it's telling me too gain?! I feel like I look terrible but it's saying it's normal ?

Hi, I think you have body dysmorphia.
#160 BMoney 2018-01-31 03:33
Quoting Felicia:
I’m 22, I weigh 101 pounds, the most I’ve ever weighed. I know it seems like I should have or had a disease but actually no, I’ve been this little since I could remember. I actually remember going to the doctor around 5th grade weighing about 50 pounds or less and the doctor told me I was very healthy because I was following my families I guess you could say small footsteps (ha ha) but this isn’t my concern. My concern is my weight now, I feel like I’m at a good weight but I also feel almost overweight because I’ve been underweight my whole life. I also went through a lot of stress a year ago with a job & ex boyfriend that led to weighing only 80 but as of now I have gained 20 pounds. So my question is, should I gain more or stay the same? I’m also not certain if this is a “just state a opinion or ask of opinions” type site but I guess I’ll find out.

How tall are you?!
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