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BMI children USThis module calculates Body Mass Index for children from age 2 to age 18 and classifies the result according to the guidelines given by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. It also has an optional evaluation of height in relation to age.

1. Enter values for gender, height and weight.
2. The result is interpreted within four categories: Underweight (<5th percentile), Healthy weight (5th-85th percentile), Overweight (85th-95th percentile) and Obese (>95th percentile).
3. Please note, that BMI is only a very rough predictor for overweight in individuals.

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For adults, the body mass index limits for overweight and obesity are straight forward (overweight = BMI > 25 and obesity = BMI > 30). For children this is much more complicated as the limits vary a lot depending on age. This calculator uses the US guidelines that are based on fixed percentiles from a large reference population. 

A BMI of 20 indicates obesity in a 6 year old girl, whereas it would represent healthy weight for a 13 year old girl. However, as growth of children varies, the final evaluation should always be based on a several factors including physical growth, muscularity and subcutaneous fat deposits.

The calculator also includes the possibility to evaluate height in relation to age. If the child/youth scores in the high percentile range on height (above average) this could indicate that physical development is ahead of chronological age. As higher BMI is expected with increasing age (above age 6), this information can assist in a qualified evaluation of BMI.


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#700 Isabella alfredsson 2018-08-13 07:40
IM Isabella I’m 12 years old and 133 ibs but I am 5’8 is this normal or am I overweight. My mom tells me that it’s normal because I just gone threw puberty a year ago. But I’m not sure... I don’t drink soda, I don’t eat candy I work out 4 times a week. What should I do
#699 Beep 2018-08-13 05:13
Quoting Brianna:
Hi I'm 11 and I'm 65.4 pounds but my stomach is big do you know what is wrong

Your stomach may just be bloated which isnt really a bad thing.
Or due to your weight that may just be muscle being stored in the gut.
And no youre not very fat for your age
#698 Cassie 2018-08-13 02:32
I’m 15 I’m around 5’4” and my weight goes from 150 to 160 constantly and I watch what I eat and only eat healthy and 2000 calories and I workout a lot but I can’t lose I’m the weight, I know I’m over weight and I hate it I just wanna cut my stomach off cause it won’t go away
#697 Glagadeen 2018-08-08 01:16
Quoting Lily:
I am 14 and 5'2, I weigh 130 pounds. All my friends are skinny and I feel large. How can I loose weight easily to be back at 110 pounds?

Running is a great exercise for weight loss and a high calorie burner. It has certainly helped me with my weight. Try to get in on the cross country season while you still can!
#696 Glagadeen 2018-08-08 01:12
I just turned 13, am 5'4 1/4 and 110 pounds. Should I lose any weight?
#695 Valery 2018-08-06 22:05
Hi I’m Valery I’m 11and weigh around 140lbs.I’m constantly worrying that I’m to fat because all my friends are skinny.i work out but still feel fat am I just being insecure?Or am I really as fat as I think?
#694 Brianna 2018-08-06 22:02
Hi I'm 11 and I'm 65.4 pounds but my stomach is big do you know what is wrong
#693 Alexia 2018-08-04 22:45
Quoting Marianna:
This has always been a thought for me and I am very insecure, I feel overweight. But I don't if I am. I am 13 years old. Height:5'6 1/2. Weight: 129.8. BMI:18 to 21. Waist:31in. Hips:40in. Calves: 14 in. I wanted to give you as much information as I could. I run for 20-50 minutes a day. And do as much as I can. Sit-ups, curl ups, squats, push-ups. I just want to know this question of mine that is constantly In my mind.

Hi! Your weight also depends on your height, the taller you are the more you should weigh. Your body type, muscle mass, and genes also have a lot to do with it. I’m 5’3, 13, 128 pounds. I’m chubby in the leg area but slim everywhere else. But my BMI is fine
( average ) By the sounds of it you’re at a perfectly fine weight! Your BMI give you an estimate but it’s not really something to rely on.
#692 Eniola 2018-08-04 06:37
I am 17 and I weight 145 lbs I have being exercising and eating rightly but am not losing any weight I don't know what to do
#691 Lily 2018-08-03 18:46
I am 14 and 5'2, I weigh 130 pounds. All my friends are skinny and I feel large. How can I loose weight easily to be back at 110 pounds?
#690 Hailey 2018-08-03 17:19
Hi im 10 and 4.9 in height but 107.8 pounds. Am i ovewieght? Should i be worried?
#689 Lexie 2018-08-03 05:07
Hi I’m Lexie I’m 14 years old, my height is 5’4 and I weigh 143 pounds. I try to workout everyday and eat healthy when I can but I sometimes snack a lot (not on junk like pretzels and etc)Anyways I don’t know how to lose weight to get to 130 pounds. I don’t have a big stomach but I have this little pooch and I want to be flat stomach and I try ab workouts but I feel it doesn’t work. Any tips to achieve my goal?
#688 Grace Lennox 2018-08-01 22:24
I am a 12 year old and weigh 158lbs. I don’t look over weight but I want the numbers to go down. What can I do?
#687 Lexi 2018-08-01 12:49
I'm 13.5 years and I weigh 89 lbs. I'm really sporty and earned a six pack but I was once told it interrupts with my growing. I'm 5'0 and still have to grow. The doctor predicted my height would be 5'3 or 5'4 because my parents are really tall. My brother plays rugby and is 6'3 however, his sports doesn't affect his height growth. Will it affect mine?
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