Waist to height ratio

Waist to height ratio calculatorWaist to height ratio is a simple measurement for assessment of lifestyle risk and overweight. Compared to just measuring waist circumference, waist to height ratio is equally fair for short and tall persons. This calculator is valid for children and adults.

1. Measure your waist circumference at a horizontal line one inch above your belly button.
2. Enter waist circumference and height by turning the dials.

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Measuring waist to height ratio is gaining popularity in the scientific society as several studies have found that this is a more valid measurement than BMI. Just measuring waist circumference is inherently biased for people taller or shorter than average population.

This calculator uses the criteria for interpretitation suggested by Ashwell.


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#664 Trent holl 2018-08-19 09:50
So at the start of the summer i was 134 pounds. Im now 150 pounds. Im only 15 and 5'2. I have bright red stretch marks on my gut and i feel so fat.
#663 Gwen 2018-08-18 16:07
I’m 14 and 5’5 and my waist is 24.5 inches and I weigh about 118-120, is that unhealthy??
#662 kailey 2018-08-15 03:52
i am 13, turning 14 in a week. i am 5' 1" and my waistline is 28.5"... is that healthy?
#661 Makenzie 2018-08-14 00:19
I'm 5'3 and I weigh about 106 lbs. My waist is 26 in. Is this good or bad?
#660 Ria 2018-08-13 22:06
I’m 13 and 5’1
My waist size is 27 inches and I weigh 108 pounds, do I need to lose weight?
#659 Luna 2018-08-13 17:07
I am 15 (nearly 16) and weigh around 121 ounds, I am 5''7 and my waist is 26 inches, My face fat and so are my legs so I want to lose weight but I dont want to look like a stick, should I?
#658 Anne 2018-08-11 02:10
i'm 13, weigh about 109 pounds, am about 5'0" ft (60 inches), and my waist is about 28 inches. am i fat?
#657 Reeece 2018-08-09 19:06
Quoting wheremyavacdos:
im 13 and im 36 inches waist im i fat ?

#656 Daivy 2018-08-07 06:49
I'm 13 or almost 14 my height is 162cm and my waist size is 34 cm is it healthy?
#655 Ellie Knight 2018-08-06 17:12
I’m 15 years old and 5’8. I am just under 10 stone and my waist size is 27 inches. I don’t know whether I am fat or of a healthy weight. I am trying to loose weight on pretty much all my body. I am a size 8-10 in tops and 10-12 in trousers (in UK sizing).
#654 Melody 2018-08-04 23:28
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#653 ellie 2018-08-04 02:56
hi, i’m 14 years old and about 5’4”, and i weigh about 116 lbs. my waist size is 24 in. the chart says that 24 is too small for my height, yet my weight is average for my height. do i need to gain weight?
#652 wheremyavacdos 2018-08-04 02:50
im 13 and im 36 inches waist im i fat ?
#651 Marie 2018-08-03 22:00
I’m 14, I’m 5’6, I weigh 106lbs and my waist measures 22 inches. It says take care but I don’t fully understand. No matter what I do to gain weight backfires. Is this problematic?
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