Waist to height ratio

Waist to height ratio calculatorWaist to height ratio is a simple measurement for assessment of lifestyle risk and overweight. Compared to just measuring waist circumference, waist to height ratio is equally fair for short and tall persons. This calculator is valid for children and adults.

1. Measure your waist circumference at a horizontal line one inch above your belly button.
2. Enter waist circumference and height by turning the dials.

ft' in''


Measuring waist to height ratio is gaining popularity in the scientific society as several studies have found that this is a more valid measurement than BMI. Just measuring waist circumference is inherently biased for people taller or shorter than average population.

This calculator uses the criteria for interpretitation suggested by Ashwell.


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Lee CM, Huxley RR, Wildman RP, Woodward M.

A systematic review of waist-to-height ratio as a screening tool for the prediction of cardiovascular disease and diabetes: 0·5 could be a suitable global boundary value.
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Nutr Res Rev. 2010 Dec;23(2):247-69. Epub 2010 Sep 7.


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#741 Teresa 2019-03-21 04:28
(Im 32 in not 34)
#740 Teresa 2019-03-21 04:24
Im a 16 year old girl. My waist is 34 in. And im 5'2. The scale says i should loose weight. Should I?
#739 Iqra 2019-03-18 15:09
My age is 19 height 4 10 waist 22 is it normal. Weight is may be 38 kg.
#738 Iza 2019-03-18 01:02
Hey, I’m 140ish lbs, and have a 30’ waist. I have a relatively short torso and long legs in terms of proportion, and my arms and legs and quite skinny compared to the rest of my body. I think a few extra lbs of my weight is muscle since I do excercise a decent amount normally. Should I be concerned? Am I overweight? (Sorry I sent two comments, I looked for a while and didn’t see my last one, so I’m playing it safe and making a second attempt.)
#737 Elizabeth 2019-03-17 12:05
Quoting Tacy Cruz:
Hello, I am 13. my height is 4ft 10in. My waist is 23in. Am I normal?

nooooo! you are waaay to skinny!!!
#736 Cheeky bastard 2019-03-16 17:28
Quoting Hannah Monyg:
Quoting Meghan:
I’m 14
24.5 inch waist

Tbh think I should lose a bit of weight lmao

How can you think of loosing weight when your waist is in the most severe take care category, and you’re underweight or at the very edge of normal; your weight should be 130 to something slightly higher, but you could get by with your weight. But your waist is extraordinarily small. You need to gain a pound or two or at least stay the same. If you loose weight, you’ll be way too underweight!

Her BMI is 20.2 and the lowest healthy BMI is 18.5, the highest is 24.9. her weight is good, she's not underweight.
#735 Bill 2019-03-14 05:29
Im 5' 11" 40 waist 227lbs . How do I get to 32'" waist ?
#734 Tacy Cruz 2019-03-13 23:36
Hello, I am 13. my height is 4ft 10in. My waist is 23in. Am I normal?
#733 Mika 2019-03-10 17:08
Im 5'7 and weight is 195 what is my waist
#732 lauren 2019-03-08 23:54
i am 15, am 5ft4 and weigh 114lbs and waist is 23 inches. i think i should lose a few lbs maybe down to 110lbs? what do you think?
#731 Amy 2019-03-07 05:39

I am 19 years old
I’m 4ft 11in
My waist measurement is 28
I believe I weigh a little less than 110

Should I be worried about my weight?
#730 Luna 2019-03-05 21:01
im 13

I waigh 84 pounds in 5 1
and my waist is 20 in should i be worryed?
#729 a. 2019-03-03 06:16
i'm 5'7-5'8 (somewhere between) and i have a 29.5in waist. i've been losing weight recently, my waist was 32in last month, but i still want to lose more. i'm thinking a 26" waist would be my goal? whats your opinion?
#728 Kasheena savage 2019-03-01 18:55
Hi I'm 26 and I'm 5"4 and I weight 228 what is my waist size
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