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Fitness ToolboxThis is the support page for Fitness Test pro and Circle Timer for iPhone and Android. You can ask questions og give suggestions in the comment field below.

Tests and algorithms in the app are selected and modified by exercise physiologist M.Sc. Morten Zacho (See curriculum here).


#43 Morten Zacho 2018-01-15 18:34
We are considering a count down function for the next version, but for now you can solve the problem by adding a 5 sec pause-only circle before your actual intervals.
#42 James3kirk 2018-01-15 17:54
It should be possible to start with a breack. So you could start the timer and habe the zime to get in position.
#41 Morten Z 2018-01-14 16:42
Hi Leigh

It should work, but can you tell us which IOS-version your iPad is running, and also if you have just the free version of Circle Timer or you have paid for presets?
#40 Leigh Anne 2018-01-14 16:26
This circle timer has been my favorite but it is not working properly even if I delete and reload on my iPad, very frustrating any help would be appreciated
#39 Nick VanBogelen 2017-12-12 21:27
What hurry monitor is supported with this app
#38 russell 2017-07-23 15:20
It would be really cool if you could program sets. Say 30s work x 3 + 10 s rest is one set. Then repeat this set 5 x. Plus allowing say the ability for change time between exercises in a circuit.
#37 kofjesme 2017-07-04 17:39
I use Circle Timer with the voice sound. The “Go” and “Stop” help alott, but that would be helpful if the sound could inklude a countdown - 5-4-3-2-1-go and 5-4-3-2-1-stop
#36 Marti 2016-12-30 19:53
Add presets to Circle timer
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