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Optimized for mobileWe are continously upgrading our content and the site and our most popular calculators now works and looks good on any smartphone and tablet. The rest will follow soon.

Check out: Body mass index - Waist to height ratio - Energy expenditure - Weight loss calculator - Skindfold D & W - 1 RM - Bleep test

The health profile system will be upgraded and online again within a week.



#2 Emily 2013-09-07 03:15
I'm having trouble using the total energy expenditure calc on my phone. I'm not able to tap and rotate the dials, or even tap to select gender. I'm on a Samsung galaxy s3, using the chrome browser.
#1 Morten Z 2013-01-14 22:23
And please post your comments here if you experience any problems with the site on mobile devices.

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