Total energy expenditure

Calculate your daily calorie consumptionThis is a very precise metabolic calculator. It calculates your resting metabolic rate and your total energy consumption in calories or kilojoules. This can be a helpful tool for weight loss as it allows you to estimate the amount of calories that represents your energy balance.


1. Use the dials until you have entered time spend on sleeping and other activities on a typical day (24 hours).
2. The calculator assumes that all unaccounted time is spend sitting.

Basal metabolic rate
Total energy expenditure
Intense exercise
Moderate exercise
Light exercise
Standing / walking
Maximum effort
Intensity sports
Fast running
Fast rowing
Strength training
Most sports
Brisk walking
Easy walking
(Remaining time)


Estimate energy expenditureIf you want to increase accuracy of your estimation, you should print this sheet and fill it out hour by hour on a typical day. After that - enter values in to the calculator.




The basal metabolic rate is calculated from the Schofield reference formulas used by WHO including age specific formulas for children. Energy cost of activities are based on various references and because children use relative more energy pr. kg body weight than adults, a dynamic correction is used for children depending on body weight.

At the other end of the scale, obese people tend to have their activity dependent energy expenditure overestimated. Accordingly, a correction factor for body mass indexes over 30 is applied.

In summary: this calculator is reliable for children as well as normal weight and obese adults.

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