Fitness testing app for iPhone and Android

Fitness Test proNew fitness testing app out now for iPhone and Android. This app is the ultimate tool for anybody working with fitness testing.

The app contains instructions and calculators for the ten most usefull fitness tests plus additional tools for calculating intensity.

You can create multiple profiles and organize them into groups. Data can be exported for further analysis in any spreadsheet program.

Tests included: Cooper 12-min run, Bruce treadmill test, Any distance running test, Beep test, Andersen test, Watt-max bicycle test, Aastrand test, Two-stage bicycle test, The Danish step test and One mile walk test.

GPS-distance tracking in the Cooper test and the Any distance test, wich makes it very easy to perform this classical fitness test just outside your own door (you still have to run though).

Full guidance from the display and option for vibration in relevant tests.

Also included is an interval timer, a pace calculator and a calculator for target heart rate.

Supports metric and imperial units

Screen examples:

Get Fitness test pro ($3.00):

for iPhone
for Android

Fitness Test Pro

Fitness Test pro for IOS

Fitness Test Pro

Fitness Test pro for Android




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#1 Bruce Lynn 2013-04-22 20:24
Says my device not compatible. Samsung GalaxyGT-15800 running android 2.2. Any suggestions?

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