The Danish Step test

The Danish step testThe Danish step test is an easy to perform step test that does not require any heart rate measurements. Just follow the pace given by the software. Instructions:
1. Turn on the speakers attached to your computer so you can hear the commands.
2. Practice the step sequence shown by the animation in the software.
3. Enter your weight and the chosen stepping height in the software.
4. Start the test.
5. When the pace can no longer be followed, push the Stop-button

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The energy cost of stepping with a known height and pace is relatively independent on age, gender and training status.

As this test is performed until stepping pace no longer can be followed, maximal oxygen uptake can be estimated with reasonable accuracy.


Aadahl M, Zacho M, Linneberg A, Thuesen BH and Jørgensen T. Comparison of the Danish Steptest and the Wattmax test for estimation of maximal oxygen uptake. The Health2008 Study. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology 2012.



#4 kalpesh 2013-08-01 08:56
hi tried this for 25min everyday .....does this test strenthen heart muscles
#3 Jennifer 2012-12-10 20:38
Hmm I may try it
#2 Morten Z 2010-10-04 15:07
The result is not age dependent, because movement economy in this type of stepping does not differ between age groups (as opposed to running). Weight is taken in to account in the calculation.
#1 Matt 2010-10-02 08:08
does the results for this test depend on age in the calculation? or is this completely independent of age? is the VO2 the same for a 12 year old boy who weighs 110 as a 80 year old woman who weighs 110 if their performance is the same?

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